Sunday Bulletin April 15 2018

Sunday Bulletin April 8 2018

Sunday Bulletin April 1 2018 10 AM Service

Sunday Bulletin March 25 2018


April 15
Questions for Hebrews 1:1-4
1. Who are the “fathers” in verse 1?
2. When did God speak to them – what is meant by time past?
3. What are some of the ways God spoke?
4. Why was it imporatant for the writer to stress that the God Who spoke in the New Testament spoke in the Old Testament?
5. In what major way is the New Covenant better than the Old Covenant?
6. Look up every use of the word “better” in Hebrews. In what ways is the New Covenant better than the Old Covenant?
7. What does the fact that Jesus is “better” than the angels contribute to the author’s argument?
8. Was the Old Testament written to us or for us? What difference might it make?

April 8
Questions for introduction to Hebrews
1. Why is the epistle traditionally called, “to the Hebrews”? In other words, what are some things about the letter that point in that direction?
2. What was the danger they were encountering?
3. How did the author try to encourage them to continue in the Christian faith?
4. Why did the writer establish the superiority of Christ to angels?
5. How is the New Covenant better than the Old Covenant?
6. Why is Christ’s sacrifice of Himself better than the Old Testament sacrifices?
7. What does it mean that the Old Covenant is obsolete?
8. Why was chapter 11 written?
9. How do you explain people like the youth pastor who walked away from the Lord?