Sunday Bulletin November 17 2019

Sunday Bulletin November 10 2019

Sunday Bulletin November 3 2019

Sunday Bulletin October 27 2019


November 17
Questions for Hebrews 12:18-29
1. Why is Mount Sinai described as a mountain “that may be touched”? What happened if a person or animal touched it when God was present there making His covenant with Israel? See Exodus 19-20.
2. Why did the people beg that the word be not spoken to them anymore?
3. What did the description of Sinai indicate about what was going on there at the time?
4. What is the heavenly Jerusalem?
5. Who are the spirits of just men made perfect?
6. In what sense does Jesus’s blood speak of better things than Abel’s blood? See. Gen. 4:1-15.
7. When will God fulfill His promise to shake heaven also?
8. What cannot be shaken?
9. What does it mean that we are “receiving” a kingdom? What kingdom is it?
10. What application is there to us of the words, “For Go is a consuming fire”?

November 10
Questions for Hebrews 12:12-17
1. What do drooping hands and feeble knees indicate?
2. What are “straight paths for your feet”?
3. What does it mean to pursue peace with people?
4. What does it mean to pursue holiness?
5. What does it mean to fall short of the grace of God?
6. What is bitterness? Why might it be referred to as a root of bitterness? Why is bitterness a danger to a church?
7. Are there indications Esau was a fornicator in the OT? What does this description mean?
8. What does the fact he sold his birthright for a meal tell us about him? How was this episode to be applied to the original readers of this epistle, and how is it applicable to us?
9. Was the repentance that Esau sought his or Isaac’s?