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Craig A. Brittingham, Pastor
Hillside Baptist Church
October 17, 2021

“A Single and Wholehearted Focus” – Matthew 6:19-24

– Living the Christian life requires a single, wholehearted focus.
– In our single-minded and wholehearted focus, we must have one treasure (19-21), one focus (22-23) and one master (24).

1A. One Treasure.
1b. We must lay up treasures in heaven, not on earth.
1c. We lay up treasures in heaven by serving God and neighbor.
2c. We lay up treasure on earth by hoarding wealth and possessions to the point of extravagance.
1d. We should lay up some treasure in order to provide for ourselves and our family.
2d. And it’s ok to enjoy our possessions for God has given us richly all things to enjoy!
2b. Our focus must be on laying up treasures in heaven for where our treasure is, there will be our heart.
2A. One Focus.
1b. The Bible often views the heart as the seat of our emotions, affections, and will (Mat.15:18-20).
2b. Here it is the condition of the eye that determines our actions.
1c. Those with good eyes lay up treasure in heaven.
2c. Those with bad eyes lay up treasure on earth.
3c. The word translated “good” (haplous) means “single” and may indicate a single focus on heavenly treasure.

3A. One Master.
1b. A slave serves one master.
2b. You cannot serve God and money.

1. Which are more secure, the treasures on earth or those in heaven?
2. What are the treasures we must lay up in heaven?
3. Is it ok to lay up or save some wealth on earth? For what reasons?
4. Why must we only have one treasure?
5. What does it mean in Jesus’ analogy that the eye is the lamp othe body?
6. How might the fact that the word “good” can mean “single” help us understand this difficult saying of Jesus?
7. Why is it impossible for a slave to have two masters?
8. Why is it impossible to serve both God and money?