Sunday Bulletin January 13 2019

Sunday Bulletin January 6 2019

Sunday Bulletin December 30 2018

Sunday Bulletin December 23 2018


January 13
Questions for Matt.28 19-20
1. What is the so called “Great Commission”?
2. Does it include more than evangelism? By the way, what is evangelism? Is it possible to evangelize without having converts to Christ?
3. How are disciples made? What is a disciple? Is a disciple a Christian?
4. According to the “Great Commission” what is to be done to/with disciples?
5. Why is the mission possible?
6. What is the authority that Christ possesses? Why is the authority important to the accomplishment of the mission?
7. How can you become more intentionally involved in the Great Commission?
8. What is the end of the age?

January 6
Questions for Matthew 16:13-18
1. What does it mean that Jesus is “the Son of Man”?
2. Who had earlier thought Jesus to be John the Baptist raised from the dead? Why did he believe that?
3. What or who was Peter indicating he believed Jesus to be (vs. 16)?
4. What does it mean that God the Father revealed the identity of His Son to Peter?
5. Why is verse 18 so controversial?
6. What is the rock on which Christ builds His church?
7. Who or what is the church? Use scripture to answer.
8. What are the “gates of Hades”?
9. What are the keys of the kingdom?
10. What does it mean to bind and loose? Was that power given to Peter exclusively (Matt. 18:18)?