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Pastor Jim Butler
Journeyman Ministries
Central Baptist Church
Yorkshire, NY

Message title: “It is Good to Give Thanks!” Psalm 92

Psalm 92 is a song that was created for the Sabbath. This Psalm reminds us that it is good to give thanks to the Lord because He deserves our Praise! We should praise God for His works because they bring us joy. He deserves praise for His sovereign control over our enemies. Give thanks to the Lord for He is the rock of the righteous!

Discussion questions:

1. Why is thanksgiving important for the believer??
2. What type of “great works” do you think the Psalmist had in mind in verses 4-5??
3. What words does the Psalmist use to describe those who don’t understand God’s works in vs.6-9??
4. How does the Psalmist contrast these people with the righteous in vs.12-14??
5. For what purpose does the Psalmist say the righteous flourish in verse 15??
6. How do the attributes of God described in verse 15 encourage thanksgiving??
7. How have you seen the goodness of God in your life recently??