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Craig A. Brittingham, Pastor
Hillside Baptist Church
October 24, 2021

“Don’t Worry” – Matthew 6:25-34

– The command here, “Do not worry” is the same command Paul issued in Philippians 4:6, translated there, “Be anxious for nothing.”
– We must be concerned or care about things (Phi.2:20), but we must not worry about or be anxious for them.

1A. Don’t Worry About Material Things.
1b. Do not worry about food, drink or clothing.
2b. Jesus indicates the folly of worry by using two different types of argument from nature.
1c. The first is an argument from the greater to the lesser.
1d. If God gave you life and a body, He will most certainly provide food and drink to support life and clothing for the body.
2d. With this argument, Jesus indicates the futility of worry (6:27; Psalm 39:6).
2c. The second argument is from the lesser to the greater
1d. If God provides for birds and flowers, He will provide for you.
2d. With His second argument, Jesus teaches us that worry indicates a lack of faith (6:30).
3b. We must seek the things of God not material things.
1c. People without God seek for and worry about things.
2c. We must seek the kingdom of God!

2A. Don’t Worry About Future Things.
1b. It is only future things about which we worry.
2b. Each day has enough trouble so don’t add tomorrow’s troubles to today’s troubles.

1. Why is worry a sin? See verse 30
2. What two arguments did Jesus make to encourage us not to worry? Verses 25-30
3. With His illustration of the birds, is Jesus inviting us to be idle and still expect God’s provision? Why?
4. Is worrying productive? What argument does Jesus use to answer this question. Actually, He uses a question (see vs.27).
5. What word play does Jesus use in verses 27 and 33? What does He teach us?
6. What play on words does Jesus use in verses 32 and 33. What does He teach us?
7. How do we go about seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness? Verse 33
8. Worrying is always about the future. Why then must we not worry about the future? Verse 34