A Good Outcome

At the end of his epistle, the writer of Hebrews returns to his most prominent exhortation – the exhortation to endure to the end or to keep the faith (13:7-8). He urged his readers to remember their leaders who were probably the first people to speak to them of salvation through Christ (2:3-4). Perhaps these leaders were people who had heard Christ teach, and possibly some of them were apostles. As they remembered these preachers, they were to consider the outcome of their conduct which is probably a reference to the manner in which they came to their deaths. They were no doubt faithful to the end. They died in faith like those faithful men and women cited in chapter 11:13. And as the Hebrews were to follow the godly examples included in the Hall of Faith (Heb.11; 12:1-2), they were to imitate the faith of the men who had spoken the word of God to them.
What is also strikingly similar in these two passages is a reference to Jesus Christ (12:1-2, 13:7-8). Though we are to be encouraged by the faith of those who have gone before us, Jesus who is the same yesterday, today, and forever must be our focus! By looking unto Jesus we will not become weary and discouraged in our souls, but experience strength and joy in our journey home no matter how difficult.