“Christ Our Head”

After a few weeks spent in other Bible passages, we come back today to our study of Colossians.  Paul was concerned in this epistle with the spiritual well being of the believers in Colossae.  They were being threatened by false teachers who were promoting what he called an empty and deceitful philosophy (2:8).  The Colossian heresy was a mishmash of errant doctrine and is therefore difficult to identify precisely.  For example, in 2:18, we find the combination of angel worship, false humility and seeing visions.  The first two may go together in that by worshiping angels they were expressing a humility that prohibited them from worshipping God directly.  In other words, they worshipped God through the mediation of angels.  They also claimed to have seen visions in which they obtained knowledge not available to everyone (cp. 2:3-4).  This knowledge caused them to be “puffed up” with pride (so much for humility!) and put in a position, they believed, to judge and even disqualify others for the heavenly reward.

Paul devastates their position in verse 19 when he indicates that they do not hold fast to the Head – Who of course is Jesus Christ!  It is He not the angels who can bring us into a right relationship with God.  It is Christ, not visions, in whom is found all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  It is because of our union with Christ our Head that we are knit together and grow as His body, the church.  It is through Christ that we have been reconciled to God, and have a sure hope of glory!  We are complete in Him!