Come to the Table!

Every month, here at Hillside, typically on the first Sunday of the month we come to the Lord’s Table together. We come because the Lord commanded His followers to participate in this supper at His table in remembrance of Him (1Cor.11:23-25). And we must do this until He comes (1Cor.11:26). We come, all of us “together,” to the table not only to remember the death of our Lord, but to demonstrate our unity in the body of Christ (1Cor.10:17).
As we come to the table, we must examine our lives (1Cor.11:27-34). The lives we live must be in concert with the gospel we proclaim in this ordinance known as the Lord’s Supper. We must be walking in unbroken fellowship with the Lord. Also, in order to truly demonstrate our unity, we must not come to the table in a broken relationship with another believer in the body. To do so we would be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. That sounds serious…and it is.