“God Saved the King”

Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea which was ruled at the time by a ruthless king known as Herod the Great. He sent the wise men to find Jesus’ residence not that he might come and worship Him as he said, but to have Him killed. When Herod realized the wise men did not intend to report back to him concerning Jesus’ location, he sent forth to have all the male children in Bethlehem and its districts put to death to ensure the King’s death. Prior to the bloodshed, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream urging him to take Jesus and His mother to Egypt until Herod’s death. God preserved the life of His Son, the King! But He also sent Him to Egypt to fulfill the “prophecy” of Hosea, “Out of Egypt I called My Son.” In Hosea’s prophecy, Israel is the Son God called out of Egypt (Hos.11:1).
Jesus was saved from death, but many sons, children of Rachel according to Jeremiah’s “prophecy” were put to death. The weeping of the mothers in Bethlehem at the slaughter directed by Herod corresponds to Rachel (as mother of Israel) when she wept for her children slain and deported by the Babylonians (Jer.31:15).
God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt and they returned to the promised land. Hundreds of years later they were deported to Babylon, and God in His mercy brought them back once again to the land. Unfortunately, after these two acts of God’s faithfulness to them, they returned to their sinful ways and were unfruitful. But Jesus, Who like Israel was called out of Egypt and also returned to the land was faithful and obedient to God His Father unto death. God saved the new born King from an early death that He might ultimately die and be raised again to save His people from their sins! Thank God that He saved the King that the King might save us!