“Good and Perfect Gifts!” James 1:16-18

God is the giver of good and perfect gifts (James 1:16-18). We are not to be deceived into thinking that God gives us temptations (vss.13&15). The gifts we receive from the Lord are good and perfect! We can depend on the truth that God will always give us good and perfect gifts because He never changes. With God there is no variation or shadow of turning. He is the Father of lights Who faithfully provides for His children. He is our Father in that He brought us forth or begot us. He according to His will caused us to be born again, and become new creations! Do recognize God’s wonderful gifts and praise Him constantly for His goodness in giving them!


Questions for James 1:16-18

1. Of what does the Lord not want us to be deceived?
2. What are some of the good and perfect gifts God gives?
3. What gift is indicated in the immediate context?
4. What does it tell us in a general way about God that with Him is no variation or shadow of turning? To what does this truth about God specifically apply in the immediate context?
5. What does, “He brought us forth” (NKJV) mean?
6. What does the fact “He brought us forth OF HIS OWN WILL” indicate? (see John 1:12-13)
7. Through what did God cause us to be brought forth? (compare 1Peter 1:22-25)
8. What does it mean that God is the Father of lights?
9. What does it mean to be a kind of first fruits of His creatures?
10. What good and perfect gifts have you received from God during this pandemic? Or perhaps, what gifts have you recognized from His hand during this time?