“One Out of Ten…Is Bad!”

We all would probably have to admit that the constancy with which God blesses us does not always lead us to constantly thank Him, but rather to take for granted those manifold blessings He imparts.  Our fallen nature is infected with ingratitude, and therefore, we must be reminded over and over again to be thankful, and also to express that thanks to God.  How about you, do you need a reminder to thank God for His blessings freely and faithfully bestowed?  Have you been overtaken again by another November, the fourth Thursday of which is set aside as a day of thanksgiving….have you come once again to this season only to be disappointed or maybe even grieved that you have not been consistently giving thanks to God.

The story of the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) illustrates well the deeply ingrained spirit of ingratitude found in all of us.  Jesus healed ten lepers, but only one, and he a foreigner, gave Him thanks.  And this story, if it teaches us anything, it teaches us that of all people, God’s people ought to be thankful to Lord.