“Salt and Light”

Jesus used two metaphors to describe the kind of influence His followers are to have in this world (Mat.5:13-16). He told them, “You are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.” Salt and light are two commodities of great benefit to mankind. Salt was beneficial in at least three ways. It was used to season food, preserve meat, and in small quantities it was used as a fertilizer. In Jesus’ day, salt was not found in pure form and could lose its saltiness. It was then good for nothing, but to be discarded. Followers of Christ Jesus must not lose their saltiness (testimony in the world) or they too will be ineffective in the Lord’s service.
Jesus Himself is the Light of the world, and He designates us as lights also. The light that shines through our righteous lives and good works must not be hidden. We must live for the Lord before men. We must not keep Christ and our Christianity to ourselves! We demonstrate our relationship with Christ before the world that they may observe us and glorify God our Father! His glory must be the motivation for all we do!