“The Faith of Abraham”

If we consider Hebrews chapter eleven, “The Hall of Faith” Abraham would have been inducted on the first ballot with 100% of the vote. His role in God’s program, and popularity among the Jewish people is unparalleled. He is the father of the nation of Israel through which God brought salvation and blessing to the world.
He is found in Hebrews 11, however, not for his popularity, but because of his faith. Abraham’s faith is described in a way consistent with the definition of faith given at the beginning of this chapter: “faith is…the evidence of things not seen.” At the call of God, Abraham left his homeland and his people to go to a place he would receive as an inheritance. “And he went out not knowing where he was going.” He went to place he had never “seen” before. He believed it existed only because of the promise of God! By faith he obeyed God and made his way to this land of promise. We are glad he did! What God accomplished through Abraham and his descendants in the land of Canaan brought blessing to the world. It was through Abraham’s chief descendant, the Lord Jesus Christ, that God saved His people from their sins!