The Parable of the Dragnet

This parable (Matt 13:47-50) is similar to the Parable of the Tares in that it speaks of the coming judgment to take place at the end of this age. The parables are different in that the latter also speaks of the present time leading up to that judgment. As the wheat and tares grow together in the field until the harvest, the righteous and the wicked live together in this world over which Christ reigns from heaven until the judgment. The Parable of the Dragnet focuses exclusively on the final judgment when the good fish (the righteous), and the bad fish (the wicked) are caught in the net and separated. The good fish are placed into vessels symbolizing the righteous entering the kingdom of God which will be established by Christ on the earth at His second coming. The bad fish are cast in the furnace of fire representing the wicked being cast into hell.
Jesus finished these parables recorded in Matthew 13 by asking the disciples if they had understood them (vv.51-52). After saying they did understand, Jesus likened them in yet another parable to a householder who brings out of his treasure new and old things. After being instructed in the new and old things concerning the kingdom of heaven, the disciples were to instruct others. In fact, Jesus later sent these men into the world to make disciples by preaching the gospel of the kingdom. They were to instruct those who came to Christ in the things Jesus had taught them, including the things of the kingdom of God. (Mat 28:18-20; cf. 24:14; Acts 14:21-22, 28:30-31) We too have been sent!