“The Sayings on the Mount”

The content of these chapters (Mat.5-7) may be better identified not as a sermon on the mount, but sayings on the mount (see 7:28-29). Instead of delivering a sermon which typically covers one subject or topic, Jesus covered a number of subjects: the blessedness of the righteous (5:3-12), believers as salt and light (5:13-16), Jesus’ fulfillment of the law and His replacement of Moses as the lawgiver (5:17-48), rewards for deeds done in secret (6:1-6, 16-18), prayer and forgiveness (6:7-15), focus on heavenly treasures (6:19-24), worry (6:25-34), judging (7:1-6), persistent prayer (7:7-12), and the narrow gate (7:13-14).
In His last two sayings, Jesus spoke about false prophets (7:15-20), and false professions (7:21-23). He urges us to beware of false prophets which we can only identify by their fruits. They claim to prophesy in the Lord’s name, but in the day of judgment they will be revealed as frauds, and be cast forever from the presence of the Lord. Jesus concluded His sayings by likening those who hear and do them as a wise man who builds his house on the rock (7:24-27). Like the man’s house on the rock that stands up in storms, those who hear and do Christ’s sayings will stand in the trials of life and in the day of judgment.