“The Test of Abraham”

God tests His people, but few if any have had their faith tested like Abraham (Heb.11:17-19; see Gen.22). God commanded him to take his son Isaac to the land of Moriah and there sacrifice him on a mountain as a burnt offering. The consequences of Abraham’s obedience would be severe – the death of his only son. Abraham passed the test! He was in the act of taking the life of his son with a knife when God stopped him. His faith in God was proven to be genuine. The Angel of the LORD said, “…now I know that you fear God.” Abraham’s faith was tested and proven genuine for at God’s command he would have taken the life of his own son if the voice had not come from heaven to stop him.
What we read in Hebrews 11:17-19 helps us understand the nature of Abraham’s faith in this instance. God had promised to make Abraham a great nation, and that the descendants which would populate that nation would come from Isaac. God promised Abraham, “In Isaac your seed shall be called” (Heb.11:18). If the seed or descendants of Abraham were to come through Isaac, then Isaac must not die…or stay dead. According to Hebrews 11:19, Abraham had concluded that even if he must go through with sacrifice of Isaac, God was able to raise him from the dead. Abraham offered Isaac by faith in that he believed God must raise Isaac if He was to fulfill His promises. Isaac was the only son through whom the promises could be realized. What faith! May our faith in the promises of God be as strong!