“Twice Adopted”

If you give a two year old the option of choosing between 4 shinny pennies and a crinkled $50 dollar bill, they will choose the four shiny pennies most likely every time. Why? Because the toddler does not yet fully understand the value of money. They are attracted to the shiny coins instead of the more valuable fifty dollars. So too in our spiritual walk, we often undervalue or under appreciate all that God has done in adopting us into His family. As we grow in our understanding, we will begin to fully appreciate His act of adoption. The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1 reminds the believer of our spiritual blessings of our adoption based on:
The selection of the Father
The sacrifice of the Son
The seal of the Spirit
If you are a Christian, God has selected you, sacrificed for you and ultimately sealed you as His own child. You have been incredibly blessed by being adopted by God.