“What Can the Righteous Do?”

Psalm 11 seems to describe a time of crisis in the life of David. He may have written it in reference to the time when Saul pursued him in order to put him to death. This crisis was so serious, David asked, “If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” (vs.3) Perhaps, “foundations” is a reference to the very laws and principles upon which a civilization is built. Saul, the king, was using the state’s resources to put to death a political rival. The chief law enforcement officer was using the law unlawfully. In his pursuit of David, Saul even ordered the deaths of the priests of Nob whom he falsely accused of siding with David.
What can the righteous do in such distressing situations? Like David, we can take refuge in the LORD! (vs.1) We can be confident that the LORD dwells in heaven in His holy temple, on His throne, and that He sees all the injustices committed against the righteous. He will cause the wicked who commit violence upon the upright in heart, to drink from the cup of His wrath. His righteous ones, however, will be in His presence where they will forever behold His face!