“Year of Jubilee”

After seven sabbatical years (7 x 7 = 49 years), the Year of Jubilee was to be observed. Leviticus 25 describes in great detail this “crowning point of the entire sabbatical structure of the nation of Israel.”  Dr. Sailhamer states, “the basic idea of the Jubilee Year was to set aside the fiftieth year as a holy year in which total restoration of land, property and debts was made.” The Year of Jubilee involved the cancelling of debts, the return of property and the freeing of slaves. Bottom line: at least once in lifetime, the Israelite would get a second chance to start anew–a clean slate. The Year of Jubilee demonstrated that God cares for His people. We simply need to trust His promises. Today, we all have the opportunity to enjoy the God of second chances.